This Beautiful Floral Arrangement is perfect for bringing autumn into your home! Filled with luxurious dark dahlias and soft peachy roses. 

Seasonal Roses

  • Your Autumn Collection flowers are delivered direct from our studio to your doorstep. Before delivering your flowers, we prepare them for their journey with proper hydration methods. For your convenience, a Care Instructions card will accompany your flowers. Please follow the care instructions to ensure proper care and handling.

    1) Upon delivery, remember to bring flowers indoors immediately. Use scissors to cut and remove all outer plastic straps. Next, carefully remove the top of the box and inspect your flowers. Verify that the contents match your order. If you have any questions about your wedding flowers, please contact us immediately at 1-540-395-7451.

    2) Your wedding arrangements are firmly attached to an inner tray which you will need to remove. The following will be easier if another person assists you. To remove the tray, use one hand to firmly hold the outside of the box, and use your other hand to pull upwards on the tray until it is free from the outer structure.  At this point you can throw away the outer portion of the box.

    3) Remove the arrangements from the box, starting with the smaller pieces first. Take caution not to bump the pieces against the side of the box or against the other flower arrangements.

    4) Hydrate your flowers.

    Bouquets and Centerpieces. Remove all wrapping, including the plastic bag AND the sponge. These kept your bouquet hydrated throughout the delivery process. hrow away the paper, the bag, and the sponge. Immediately place the bouquet in one of the previously prepared vases or containers. Make the sure water level is lower than the ribbon. You do not want the water touching the ribbon or any part of the flower decoration. Repeat these steps for each remaining large arrangement. Add water daily as needed! You may also put bouquets or centerpieces into fridge.

    5) Store your flowers in a cool dry location, with a room temperature between 35 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The cool the temperature, the fresher your arrangements will be until ready to use. Avoid extreme temperatures do not freeze your flowers! Also, avoid placing your flowers in direct sunlight and near drafts