TRENDING NOW: Long-Stem Bouquets. Tips From The Pros

Trending Now - We are seeing a lot of long -stem bouquet looks for summer and fall weddings. A couple of tips from the pros to decide if a long-stem bouquet is right for you.

Long -stem bouquets are lovely. They do not require many stems to achieve this look. We recommend at least 12 roses. Garden Roses are excellent choices to use for this bouquet. You can use only a garden rose or pair it with other greens based on your own style and choice.

The style of bouquet is also conducive to more intimate weddings that we are seeing now as you can create this look practically out of our garden, local grocery store, or floral shop.

Long -stem bouquets evoke a clean, minimalist look and when you decide if this is the right style bouquet for you, consider your height and style of dress.

STYLE TIPS - These bouquets as pictured tend to work well with brides who have some height and a column or more fitted style dress. If you absolutely love this bouquet and you are under 5'5 in height, you can clip the stems to a shorter, more desirable length. The fuller the dress, we recommend a more simple bouquet. You do not want the bouquet and the dress to compete with one another.

Creating the Long-Stemmed Bouquet DIY?

If you are creating this bouquet on your own, remember to de-thorn your roses thoroughly before arranging the florals. If you do not have a rose de-thorner, you may use a piece of corrugated cardboard to clean the roses. Slide a piece of cardboard up and down the stems with several strokes.

Important: While you wish to clean and de-thorn the stem of the rose, only remove the prickly part of the thorn. Completely removing the entire thorn will leave the stem of the flower open to bacteria and can cause the bloom to die more quickly.

Arrangement & Finishing-

For the arrangement of the bouquet, We recommend an axis point of 2-3

inches below the blooms. You may then use floral wire to secure the blooms together. To finish the look off, a double-sided satin ribbon can work well. It will also protect your hands from the roughness of the stems.

Whatever look you choose, will be the right one for you. Whether you are a DIY bride or are able to use a floral designer, long-stemmed bouquets are simple to make, affordable, and work well in almost any setting.


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