The New Normal: Intimate Weddings & Receptions

Updated: Jun 2

How To Design Your Look

We are seeing a new emerging trend - intimate, smaller weddings and receptions of 20-50 persons.

The elements of good design remain the same in these celebrations. Pictured left is one of our favorite tablescapes. The blush and neutral tones translate well in larger spaces as well as smaller, more intimate gatherings.

When you are working in a smaller space, color choice is important. Bright, bold color choices can make space appear smaller. Neutral tones in pale blush, ivory, beige, with pops of analogous color tones can open up space and make it appear larger.

Banquet tables (rectangular) are a popular choice at wedding receptions. Keep in mind that choosing all rectangular tables in a rectangular room or tent can add an angularity to the room or appear clunky. We recommend softening the angularity of the table by adding soft textures like a chiffon or gauze table runner on the table.

Also, vary the heights and widths of the items on your table. Different size floral centerpieces, varying heights and shapes of your candle holders, and choosing dinnerware and charger plates can all add dimension to your tables.

Lastly, have fun. Make the table your own. Using family mementos ( vintage vases, plates, and glassware) can make a table uniquely your own.

When making choices for your table, you might ask yourself: "Is this okay? Is this the right thing to do?" The answer is yes and yes. The right look and design of your table is your choice and will look beautiful whatever you do because it is yours.

Be inspired, get creative and have fun!

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