Some of Our Favorite Wedding Favors

What Favors Should You Choose For your guests? What are some of the best favors to give people? What is the right amount to spend, etc?

As a planner, when the topic of favors comes up, the first question I ask clients is What do you & your fiance enjoy? What are your special interests? Do you travel, do you like to cook or perhaps, play golf?

My number one piece of advice for favors is – make it functional. Choose something that is uniquely special for you as a couple, while making it functional, so it does not end up in the waste bin after the event.

Two of our Personal Favorites are small bottles of olive oil with your name’s on it or a simple thank you. I also love home atomizers and spritzers as wedding favors.

Budget -

Another key factor in choosing a favor for your guests is your budget and affordability. Providing wedding favors for 150 guests can have costs adding up quickly.

If you can afford to buy personalized favors for your guests by all means do so. Many companies now can print your name on almost anything from Koozies to personalized bags, coffee mugs, hangover kits, and anything in between. Masks are also popular too- right now.

Homemade with a Smile - There is also the option of having a wedding favor that is home-made from jams, honey, or even barbeque sauce. We recently did an Indian wedding in Maryland where the hosts provided homemade Indian snacks which were delicious and also, uniquely personal to the couple.

Where to Buy - We always recommend Etsy online marketplace for unique wedding goods. Also, if you are planning on going the homemade favor route, consider sourcing from a local restaurant or market where your event is being held. Sourcing locally certainly helps local businesses , along with providing an authentic experience for each guest.


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