Let's Talk Bouquets - Style, Color and Trends

Okay, Ladies, let's talk bouquets! This Year and 2021 we are seeing two different approaches to bride and bridesmaids bouquets. One is a more formal, minimalist look featuring round, lush bouquets – some of our favorites or loose,hand-tied bouquets.

Brides are either "going all out" with formal bouquets or "staying home" with garden green bouquets.

COLOR – White, Ivory, Blush, Peach, and Green tones are very popular.

We are seeing a lot of monochromatic. Bouquets featuring shades of all the same color or in all white.

Think all-white garden rose or all- white peonies. All Pink or Blush bouquets featuring peonies and mixes of texture are popular too!

  • THE GREAT NEWS - Structured bouquets work well with any body type and style of gown.

  • FLORAL DESIGNER TIP- If you have a full ballgown style dress – we recommend a simple, round bouquet. Size and Proportion of the bouquet are key !!! You do not want a large billowing dress and a large billowing bouquet.

  • A Bridal Bouquet SHOULD accentuate the bride’s dress, body type, and overall aesthetic w. out overwhelming her.

  • Most popular styles round, nosegay, and cascade

GARDEN GREENERY - Greenery is still a big trend right now. A lot of brides love a bridal bouquet with greens.

Eucalyptus ( any type) is still popular as well, as almost any greenery that grows in the garden.

DIY'ing IT? Then, consider using what you have in your garden. Alternatively, if you do not have the option of going out to your garden we recommend sourcing from an online retailer like Fifty Flowers. We are nuts for their Bohemian Green Collection which just came out.

Most Popular Styles for Garden Green bouquets are asymmetrical, hand-tied, or pageant.

FLORAL DESIGNER TIP: If you are planning on using a hand-tied bouquet with loose greens – keep in mind your height and body type. If not done well, this style of bouquet can come across looking messy and unkept. Your floral designer will know how much greens to use and where to place them in the bouquet. DIY'ing it - LESS IS MORE!!!



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