Fake It? Or Go For the Real Thing?

Updated: Jun 5

Are we referring to love, sex, or just good conversation? Sorry, none of the above.

We're talking about the choice many brides face when deciding whether to purchase artificial/silk flowers or the real thing - live flowers. In deciding which avenue to take, there are a few things to keep in mind:


A common misconception about artificial flowers is that they are cheaper than the real flowers. BUYER BEWARE: quality silk flowers cost as much - or more! - than real flowers!


DO choose a reputable purveyor of silk flowers where the product looks real, the vendor has great customer service - meaning you can actually contact them about color choice in your bouquet or centerpieces. (We highly recommend Afloral or Jamali Garden out of NYC.)

DO NOT quickly go to a large online marketplace and purchase loose silk flowers that look like they go together- you may be disappointed with the results.

Why? Well, first of all, we all know that pictures don't tell the whole story - meaning some flowers will look fake in real life. Dye-lots can vary across different textures, shapes of petals, etc.

If you absolutely must go with a large marketplace to purchase loose silk flowers for your wedding try and buy all of your florals from a single vendor. Reach to that vendor for advice on which flowers will compliment others, as they will be able to relate it ot the dye lot.


Do we really need to get into details? Real flowers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and varieties. The colors and textures you can get from choosing real flowers at your wedding are almost endless. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing real flowers which we will cover in our next post. (We highly recommend FiftyFlowers!)


You have a lot of choices to make when creating the perfect floral look for your wedding. We recommend always hiring a floral designer to assist you whether you chose real or silk flowers. Both types of arrangements take technical skill and time to put together. When choosing a floral designer ask whether they can assist in designing real and artificial flowers.

Schedule a call with us today to chat about florals and your happily ever after!


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